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Barbara Ann Scott



Barbara Ann Scott


St. Croix Courier
March 10/1949
Shiretown Items
Barbara Ann Scott
Barbara Ann, world champion figure skater and the whole world’s sweetheart, is coming to St. Andrews to display her art in two public appearances at the Arena. The dates are March 17 and 18. These will be her only appearances in the Maritime provinces at this time. In other years St. Andrews has entertained many famous personages but the coming of the charming Barbara Ann will, without a doubt, surpass any event in the history of this small town. How did we do it? You may well ask, as it seems like accomplishing the impossible. In the first place through the initiative and persistency of W. C. O’Neill, manager of the Arena, who has been working on the idea for over a year. In the second place through the influence of Norman Wilson of Ottawa and SA, and in the third place, and chiefly because Barbra Ann wanted to come! She said she had heard so much about St. Andrews from friends in Ottawa and Toronto that she was anxious to pay us a visit. It is an expensive proposition even at the reduced rates her manager is offering us and unfortunately the Arena will only accommodate about 1500 spectators. A packed house for both nights is assured, however, and the management of the Arena should at least break even. Within 24 hours of the definite word being received that Barbra Ann was coming there was a call for over fifteen hundred reserved seats. Visitors are coming from all over the province and Lieutenant-governor McLaren will be here to extend an official welcome. Mayor Hachey will also welcome her on behalf of the town and we shall all be at the train to meet her with a hearty, rousing cheer.


St. Croix Courier
March 17/1949
Barbara Ann Scott warmly welcomed to St. Andrews. Photo. Nice pose. 1948 World Champ. Marguerite Shaughnessy Hostess.


St. Croix Courier
March 24/1949
Barbara Ann Scott Acclaimed on Performances Before Overflow Crowds at St. Andrews


More highlights of Scott’s visit. Photos. In one holds arm of Albert McQuoid, “St. Andrews’ Talented Pianist.”


Shiretown Items
First Performances
The first public performances here of the new world famous Barbara Ann took place on Thursday evening, March 17. She was supported by a strong cast from the Figure Skating Club of Saint John, NB, and by Dick Nutter, a professional skating comedian from Sherbrooke, Quebec. Casey’s Concert Orchestra supplied music for the skating numbers and the program was intersersed with seldctions from the Deer Island Band. The Saint John skates have an excellent exhibition of their art, the small children being expecially appreciated by the spectators. Dick Nutter was a “scream” and drew a laugh fromt eh most sour-faced individuals. He and also the Saint John group, will receive a cordial welcome her at any future time.  What can I say about Barbara Ann’s performance that has not been said a thousand times before by nobler pens than mine? Rather than try I shall express my own opinion, and the opinion of everyone with whom I have talked, in the one word, “erfection.” I must, hwoever, add just a word about her interpretation fo her own favorite number, “Ave Maria.” It was soul-sitrring. It thrilled the spectators. It graipped them and held them in a breathless, reverent and religious silence. It seemed as though an angel, alive with grace and beauty, appeared on the ice in supplication fo rthe sins of all mankind.


Official Welcome
At the close of the program Barbar Ann was officially welcomed to New Brunswick by Lieutenant-Governor McLaren. “It is a great pleasure for me,” he said “to welcome to our province such a distinguished visitor and one who has brought so much honor to our country.” On behalf of the province, he present the smiling star with a bouquet of blue violets, telling her that byAct of Legislature and Royal proclamation the violet was the official flower of New Brunswick. He also presented a turqoise blue vase, made from New Bunswick clay and wished her every success in her future life. Mayor H. B. Hachey gave Barbara Ann an inscribed broze key after officially welcome her on behalf of the citizens. He said: “barbara Ann, with a pair of skates you found your way into our hearts and into our town. With thiskey to the town I tender you’re the symbolic assurance of rightful possession.”


Through the kindess, thoughtfulness and generosity of the Hon. Marguerite Shaughnessy, one hundred and fifty townspeople and a few from elsewhere were invited to Fort Tipperary afer Thursday evening’s performance to be presentd to Lieutenant-Governor McLaren and Miss Barbara Ann Scott. Delicious refreshments were served and two hours of social fellowship enjoyed. Miss Scott is just as lovely off the ice as onit and her charming personality, no doubt has contributed as greatly to her exceptional popularity as has her figure skating ability. I had the pleasure and the honor of a few minutes personal chat with her. I wanted to herar from her own lips just why we had been so fortunate in getting her to come here. She said: “When I received the invitation I was delighted. I have friends in Ottawa who have visted St. Andrws in he summer. They gave me such a glowing picture of its beauties and attractions that I welcomed this aopportunity to come for a little visit. I have enjoyed my  stay immensely and Miss Shaughnessy has been just wondeful. I hope to come again this summer and bring my golf clubs.” When I told this to my friend Arnold Wilson, manager of the Bank of Nova Scotia here, he said he would immediately apply for the chance to caddy for her.


On Friday afternoon, March 18, a matinee was held for the benefit of the school children of Charlotte County. Barbar Ann gave her full program as in the evening peformance, most of the Saint John skaters took part and Dick Nuter put on two comedy acts. About 1500 children attended, accompanied by their teaches and observed perfect decorum.  They are interested how in getting an instructor her for next season so they may all learn figure skating.


Last Performance
The last performance of Barbar Ann and her supporting cast took place on Friday evening. There was a larger attendance than on the first night as the standing room was packed to capacity. The program was the same as on the previous night,a nd met with the same fervent response. The International Band from S. Stephen and Calais did the bandk numbers and Hon. J. J. Hayes Doone, provincial Secretary Treasuerer, spoke for the people of the province, while H. O. McQuoid, president of the St. Andrws A.A.A. rrepresented the people of St. Andrws. Presentations were made to barbar An by the I.O.D.E. by Conley’s Lobsters Ltd., by China Chest and by Douglas Maxwell, of St. George.


The Arena
The St. Andrews arean was spick-and-span for the gala occasion. All painted white within and decoreated with green sharps and shamrocks in honor of Saint Patrick. Big WELCOME BARBARA ANN signs appeared at each end of the rink. Many favorable comments were heard from visitors who had never seen it before. No one except those who took part can know the tremendous amount of work involved in carrying out this underaking—and the work was all done by voluntary workers. The entire ince curface was painted white then further adorned with shamrocks. Seven hundred seats were brough to the rink and place din rows on the ice at different elevations for which  framework ahd to be built. The boxes in each side for the hockey teams were torn down and will have to be rebuilt. A beautiful caqrpet and two truck loads of furniture, loaned by Chip Thompkins, were used to furnish Barbar Ann’s dressing room. Several paris of curtains were provided by women of the town for the same purpose. Barbar Ann said she had never had a lovelier dressing room anywhere, and had at times dressed in rooms unheated and snow blowing in through cracks in the wall. To answer the telephone calls for sixteen hours a day for over a week was work for several people—but they did it gladly and uncompaliningly.Unfortunately, owing to the Arena’s limited seating capacity several thousand persons were unable to obtain seats for this outstanding and history-making event. But I sincerely believe that Barbar Ann will be here again, and soon, to make a longer stay. May all of us who had th ehonor, the privilege and the pleasur eof seeing her and meetin her on this
occasion be still here to see her, to meet her and to greet her, when she comes again.


St. Croix Courier
March 24, 1949
Shiretown Items
The Great Day Arrives
Never in the life-time of the oldest inhabitant ahs ther ebeen an event which so stirred the hearts of our citizens, an event awaited with such eager anticipation. The cares and duties of the work-a-day world were forgotten and neglected. Flags and bunting, signs of welcoem and string sof colored lights were erected. The sole topic of conversation was the coming of Barbar Ann. The day broke learnd cold, the 16th day of March, 1949—a day that will be forever marked in bold red capital letters in the annals of the little town of St. Andrews. Long ebfore the arrival of the train crowds began to gather at the depot. What mattered it that fierce, chill wind blew from the North? The sun shone brightly overhead in a clear and cloudless sky and the warmth and glow within our hearts made our bodies impervious to tteh cold.


His Greatest Moment
As I watched W. C. O’Neill, “Bill” to his many friends, standing there on the platform with the other members of the reception committee I thought of what a thrill the occasion must be to him! He is the boy who really put it over. When he proposed the idea, about a year ago, it was scoffed at by some, derided by others and deemed impossible by most of us. But his unfailing courage and optimism, which stood the test of the burning of our first Arean in 1939, and whose leadership at that time directed us in the erection of a better building, were not be be denied. Much praise is due to all, who worked day and night to make this occasion the grand success it was but primarily and chiefly the credit must to the “Bill.”
“That She Blows”
When the train blew for the station, though nearly a mile away, a cheer went up from the waiting crowd. The pent-up thoughts of the joys to come could no longer be restrained. More and greater cheers sounded when she hove in sight around the bend. We seemed to think this great inanimate but life-like thing could hear our voices and transmit to Barbar Ann our cheers of welcome. With a-hissing of steam and a screeching of brakes the rain ground to a stop. The reception committee, headed by Mayor and Mrs. H. B. Hachey and including Hon. Marguerite Shaughnessy, hostess to Barbar Anna nd her mother, Mr.s Clyde Scott, during their visit, henry O. McQuoid, president of the Arena Assocation; and Mrs. McQuoid, Principal F. T. Atakinson of Prince Arthur School, and Mrs. Atkinson and W. C. O’Neill, maanger of the Areans, boarded the private car provided for the distinguuished visitors from McAdam Junction down. In a fe wmoments they re-appeared, followed by Barbar Ann and her mother. As Miss Scott paused on the car steps to have photos snapped and to wave to the surrounding throng a deafenign cheer arose. Then the daint little queen of th eice, honey-blonde hair reflecting the sunshine and eyes of sapphire blue glancing at everhone int urn, tripped down the patform waving in all directions and throwing kisses to the two hundred school children lined up as a guard of honor. She entered flag-bedecked car, and still smiling and waving her hand, was driven to her temporary home at Fort Tipperary.


Afternoon Practice
Instead of resting on Wednesday afternoon after her long trip her fro Philadelphia, as one would have expected, Barbar Ann spent three hours in practice along with Casey’s Concert Orchestra. The Arena was closed to the publci but a few of us more fortunate one shad the priviege of watching her. Personally, I had the great honor of appearing in a picture with her, along with her mother, Mrs. Clyde Scott, W. C. O’Neill, manager of the Arean and Mrs. Windsor Dewar of Milltown, who was at the Arean with her husband, a member of the orchestra. It is a picture I shall prize very highly and it will occupy a top spot in my treasury of souvenirs.


St. Croix Courier
March 31/1949
Photo of Barbara Ann Scott with arena Committee: Bill Brownrigg, W. C. O’Neill, Henry McQuoid, M. Bartlett, W. L. Williamson


St. Croix Courier
April 14/1949
Photo of house Barbara Ann will inhabit from June 15 to Aug 15 this year. Gordon Reed cottage on Water St. Looks like Tatterscott B and B.


St. Croix Courier
April 14/1949
78th annual Canadian Manufacturers Association to be held at Algonquin. Will do tour of Maritimes. W. A. Mather, Pres. of CPR, to speak. (Sounds like a big deal)
            Photo: Barbara Ann’s Summer Home. Fronting on St. Andrews Bay the Gordon Reed cottage on Water street in the Shiretown is pictured above with the salt water lapping the terrace. In this attractive setting Barbara Ann Scott will spend the Summer of 1949, arriving about the middle of June and remaining for about two months. The cottage is of Cape Cod design and the main entrance on Water Street is at second story level. The first floor, facing the bay is a spacious living room done in wood paneling with open beams. In one end is a stone fireplace with built-in bookshelves and what-nots containing curios from many lands. The opposite end has a large window and an old sea-chest with a glass-enclosed replica of a sailing ship. French doors open on to the terrace. (Looks like Tatterscot)


St. Croix Courier
July 14/1949
Shiretown items
Street dance held every Tuesday in summer to raise money for rink insulation. Barbara Ann draws tickets for prize winners.


St. Croix Courier
Aug 11/1949
Photo of Barbara Ann Scott at Katy’s Cove. Happy Holiday—Termed the “best holiday in years” Skater Barbara Ann Scott relaxes at beautiful Katy’s Cove in SA-by-the-Sea. Canada’s ice queen has now begun another heavy training program for her big show starting in September.
            Ad showing movies at Andraeleo Theatre; also ad for Marina Theatre. July 28/1949
Shiretown Items: “A Guardsman’s Duty”: background of Ian Macmillan p. 2 and 7. To benefit Marilyn Noell, seriously injured at Katy's Cove few weeks back.


St. Croix Courier
Aug 25/1949
Viscount Alexander, GG of Canada, visits Men’s Club. Photo on wall will accompany Barbara Ann, Lt. Gov. McLaren and other hon. members. Photo taken in door of room with R. D. Rigby.


St. Croix Courier
Feb 23/1950
Thousands thrilled by Barbara Ann Scott’s show at St. Andrews Arena. Titled “Skating Sensations.” By Worrell. Special train from Woodstock with 14 stops.


St. Croix Courier
Feb 22/1951
Shiretown Items: Barbara Ann coming to St. Andrews again. March 26 and 27. Only appearance in Maritimes this year. “The redoubtable, unpredictable and amusing Dick Nutter will be here again.”


St. Croix Courier
Nov 4/1954
. . . First man to be made a freeman of the town as present at Friday’s ceremonies. He is F. L. Mallory, of SA, county secretary-treasurer, who was made freeman March 10, 1949, in recognition of over 30 years service to the town as clerk and treasurer. Seven days later, Barbara Ann Scott was similarly honored following an ice skating show presentation here in which she starred. Miss Scott subsequently spent a summer vacationing here. . . .