Old St. Andrews



The Summer Girl



The Summer Girl


June 25/1891
The Summer Girl. Piece on the darling, delight and the despair of the susceptible male heart.


Aug 25/1892
The Summer Girl
Oh! Have you seen the summer girl?
Who keeps the summer hotel in a whirl;
She’s a modern invention, but what of that?
An electric belle, in a seaside hat!
With a waist you can span with a single hand,
With eyes of blue which seem tender and true,
Or of witching brown, which coax and lure,
But can blaze and flash if you seem “too sure!”
Oh, do not trust her, the summer girl!
She spends three months of her year in a whirl,
Then buzzes back to the joys of town—
Eyes of blue, and grey and brown,
To tell how many scalps she has taken,
How much faith in humanity shaken;
How many men she has taught to sneer
At all that at one time they held so dear!
And then—begins with a business air
The work of the winter, to get her share
Of the wealth that is going, to lie in wait
For some rich old fool with a hoary pate,
Who will give her his name, diamonds, horses and gold?
For a smile that is forced and a heart that is cold.
Oh! she buzzes and flutters the summer away,
But the winter time is no time for play!


July 27/1893
There are a good many red-headed summer girls in town, but the supply of white horses is limited.


May 18/1899
A Dainty Summer Girl
Mr. Charles Beard, of Boston, has chosen as a summer companion a dainty little lady. Trim and graceful is she, with a bewitching figure, which bespeaks at once her patrician birth. Though belonging to the smart set, she does not stick her nose in the air when she is approached. Mr. Beard is very proud of his Summer Girl, and the two are fast friends. Almost daily they may be seen in sweet communion together, either on the beach, or on the placid waters of St. Andrews Bay. In a few days, when her wardrobe has been completed, the two will sail away o’er summer seas together. By the way, she is the possessor of a very pretty summer rig, which was specially selected by Mr. Beard in Boston. She looks very net init, and behaves well, too, though it is hinted that she is a little fast. But this is a quality in a Summer Girl such as Mr. Beard owns that is not to be despised. He is yet uncertain whether he will enter her in the yacht races at St. John this summer or not.


Aug 24/1899
SJ aspires to be a summer resort, yet when two hatless summer girls sauntered guilelessly about its street the other day, as scores of them do here every day, the newspapers were horrified. The Saint John scribes should come to St. Andrews and learn a little about the summer girl. They would return home with a little of their freshness rubbed off.


Sept 1/1899
The Tourist Season
The summer season, so far as tourist is concerned, is at and end. The summer girl and the summer man have put on their hats, packed up their valises, stowed away their bundle of golf sticks, broken the summer engagements, and have hastened back to the grind of city life, with a fresh stock of tan and freckles, a fresh stock of stories to while away the long winter months, and what is of more importance, a fresh stock of health and energy. A few still linger with us, but the great army of summer sojourners has passed away. This year, the Passamaquoddy retreats have enjoyed an unprecedentedly large patronage from this source. Campobello, Grand Manan, and even the other islands where no pretensions are made to keeping summer boarders, have all had a larger number of people than have ever before have accommodated. The hotels and boarding houses have been filled and every available lodging house has been utilized. The quality of our visitors has not deteriorated. The very best people from everywhere have stayed with us this season, and many have given assurance that they will return another year. The golf grounds have proved a great attraction. Then, the fact that the British Society had recommended the establishment of the marine Biological station here induced many scientists and literary men and women to visit the place. On the whole the season has been a highly satisfactory one from a tourist point of view, and the indications for next year are very bright.