Old St. Andrews



G. Horne-Russell House



G. Horne-Russell Former Home of Painter G. Horne-Russell, Joe's Point Road


George Horne-Russell, 1861 - 1933, was born in Banff, Scotland and emigrated to Canada in 1933. Mr. Horne-Russell was a summer resident of St. Andrews, was an independent painter and also did contract work for the CPR. Mr. Horne-Russell did quite a few pieces of St. Andrews, many of which have been collected locally. One of his more memorable commissions for the CPR was his 1917 pamplet advertising the town and the Algonquin Hotel for the railroad company, reproduced here. The pamplet contains many striking views of the town and is an excellent window into the town at that time. Horne-Russell was elected President of the Royal Academy of Art in 1922.