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St. Andrews the Beautiful



Aug 25/1917

St. Andrews the Beautiful
Review of “St. Andrews-by-the-Sea, New Brunswick,” by Betty Thornley and illustrated by G. Horne Russell, R. C. A. (Published by C. P. R.)

To paint word pictures and brush pictures of St. Andrews by the Sea that will be entirely approved of by the multitude who have a very warm spot in their hearts for their beloved town, that is task hard indeed to fulfil. So to describe with pen and colors the beauty, the history, and the life of St. Andrews by the Seat that those who have never seen it can fully realize its charm and allurement, that is perhaps a still harder task. The author and illustrator of the attractive booklet which the CPR ha published under the title of St. Andrews by the Sea, New Brunswick have in their pictures as pen and brush come as near to satisfying those who know and love the town so well, as it is humanly possible for them to do. For those who know not that town we cannot speak. Miss Thornley’s short sketch of the town history, her appreciation of its natural beauties, and her enticing account of its many and varied opportunities of happy healthy amusement and recreation, make the letter press of the little booklet will worth reading. We had searched in vain for the reason why the bathing cove was known as Katy’s Cove, and are glad at last to know and to have one more mind picture to add to our store. Katy’s Cove will henceforth always suggest the reluctant school boy bather being drawn from hi ill timed pleasure by the sturdy Katy McIntosh.         


What shall we say of the reproductions of Mr. G. Horne Russell’s exquisite paintings with which the booklet is very fully illustrated. We can but thank Mr. Russell again and again for capturing and putting upon canvas the picturesqueness of St. Andrews, the freshness of is breezes, and the joy of its life out of doors. Mr. Russell has painted as he alone knows how to paint the “Newport of the North,” the most beautiful town in Charlotte County, which County excels all others in the Province in “scenery, history, cookery, and art.” The paintings have been reproduced with wonderful exactness.


No more pleasing souvenir of a visit to St. Andrews could be imagined or contrived than this booklet, which can be purchased at the Algonquin Hotel bookstand for the small sum of twenty-five cents.