Old St. Andrews



The Anchorage



According to Willa Walker's "No Hay Fever and a Railway," this house was built in 1825 and served as the Roman Catholic Rectory for Rev. John Cummings, the town's first parish priest (1825-36). It should be noted that the original Catholic Church was located on Mary Street, just a short distance from the Rectory. The house was later home to Ms. Walker's own family, but not before it passed through a long list of distinguished summer people, including the daughter and grandson (Payne) of Robert Gardiner, one of the founders of the St. Andrews Land Company, which built the Algonquin Hotel and went a long way towards turning St. Andrews into a tourist destination in the latter part of the 19th century. The house acquired the name "Anchorage" in 1897 when it was owned by Thomasina R. Andrews, wife of Captain Frederick Andrews, mariner.