Old St. Andrews



Presbyterian Manse



The Presbyterian manse was built in 1901 almost cost free. The plans were donated by Edward Maxwell, Montreal architect of note, and Mrs. George Hooper of Montreal contributed substantially towards building costs and also purchase of land for the building. The house was estimated to cost $3,500 when completed.

The St. Andrews Beacon for May 30, 1901 provided the following description: "Entering the main door one steps into a hall 8 x 14 feet. On the southern side of this hall will be the library and study, and on the opposite side the drawing room. These rooms are each 13 x 17 feet, and will be supplied with register grates. The drawing room and the nursery, 12 x 13 feet, which is immediatley to the rear, have doors opening on to a side verandah. Behind the study is the dining room, 13 x 17 feet, and in the ell are the kitchen, pantry and larder. The kitchen is 11 x 18 feet. In the main house, upstairs, there are four sleeping rooms, 13 x 7 feet, and a comfortable sewing room, which commands an interesting view. The ell containins one sleeping room and a bath room."