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Death of C. R. Hosmer



St. Croix Courier, Nov 17, 1927
Charles R. Hosmer, Leading Financier of Montreal, Has Passed
Had Summer Home at St. Andrews and Owned Much Property

Charles R. Hosmer, one of Canada's leading financiers, died tonight at 6:30 at his residence, 3530 Drummond street, following a lengthy illness. Mr. Hosmer had reached his 76th birthday on Saturday last. In the death of Mr. Hosmer, financial, industrial, commercial and railway life loses one who during a long number of years played an important part in the building up of Canada. He had been ill for a considerable time, and especially so in the last two years, but from his sick-bed he continually showed an interest in charitable affairs.

Charles Rudolph Hosmer was probably the most important figure in telegraphic and cable circles in Canada during the past 25 years. He rose from the position of telegraph operator to places on the directorates of a number of the great telegraph and cable companies in the United States and Canada. In addition, Mr. Hosmer was an officer of a number of the most important enterprises, and probably in his time held places on more boards than any other business man in Canada. He was rated as a multi-millionaire.

Mr. Hosmer was very little known outside the ranks of his business associates. He was very retiring and dreaded publicity. He loved his offices, in which he used to get through daily an enormous amount of work in a quiet but very efficient manner. Prominent positions he filled were the presidency of the Ogilvy Milling company and the vice-presidency of the Laurentide Pulp and Paper Company. He was associated with the board of directors of the Canadian Pacific Railway Company, the Bank of Montreal, the Sun Life Assurance Company, the Halifax and Bermuda Cable Company, and the West India Cable Company.

Mr. Hosmer was born at Coteau Landing, P. Q., in 1851. He was educated at the common school. After learning telegraphy he entered the employ of the Grand Trunk Railway as operator. Subsequently he joined the Canadian Pacific Railway, and was for a number of years general manager of its telegraph system. Mr. Hosmer married Miss Clara Jane Bigelow, of Montreal. They had two children, Elwood B. Hosmer and Olive Hosmer. Mr. Hosmer had for some years had a summer residence in St. Andrews where he had acquired much property and where he was greatly esteemed.