Old St. Andrews



Two Ladies in Peril



St. Andrews Beacon, Sept. 1, 1904
Three Montreal Ladies in Peril

A trail of frightened horses, broken-wagons and angry drivers usually follow the automobile when it starts out on roads that are unfrequented by such machines. It was so in the case of Mr. R. Downing, Paterson, of Saint John, although he was on his bridal tour and everything should have been lovely.

Mr. Paterson, his bride and auto were on their way to New York and stopped at St. Andrews on Thursday afternoon last for shelter for the night. As they approached the town on the Saint John road, a carriage containing Mrs. Hosmer, Mrs. Heney and Mrs. Brimacombe, of Montreal, was moving in the same direction from the shore road. Neither saw the other until the auto suddenly shot out from behind Mr. Daniel Hanson's residence. The sudden appearance of the swift-going machine and caused Mrs. Hosmer's horse to swerve, when the carriage was upset and all three ladies were thrown out. Driver John Russell succeeded in preventing the horse from running away, otherwise a more serious accident might have happened. Mrs. Hosmer sprained her ankle and received a severe shaking up. Mrs. Heney suffered a wrench to her neck, while the other lady escaped without much injury. The wagon was considerably damaged.

The auto continued on its way to the Algonquin, where Mr. and Mrs. Paterson spent the night. On their outward run the next morning they alarmed Grimmer and Keay's delivery horse and another upset was the result. Some of the top hamper of the wagon was carried away and the goods scattered about. Returns from the out parishes have not yet been received.