Old St. Andrews



Seaside Inn - Old St. Andrews



In 1921 Captain Nelson Clarke opened his house on Water Street as Seaside Inn, and in 1905 purchased the old St. Andrews Foundry property across the street to add thereto. After his death his daughter, Marjorie and her new husband, Alfred Jones, purchased additional properties around the Foundry property, such as the former home of James Starkey, shipwright, and Albert Denley, liveryman, and carved out a cottage playground on this side of the street. There were little cabins and apartments in houses with running water; meals for guests were served at the Inn proper. In addition, there was a tennis court, observation tower, bathing beach and large boardwalk area. At the time Seaside Inn possessed the only private bathing beach in the town, excepting Katy's Cove, reserved for Algonquin Hotel guests only. After the death of Alfred Jones, Ms. Clarke remarried and continued on with the business, taking winter vacations in Europe and the south. The business continues today as Salty Towers, on the Inn side, and Old St. Andrews, on the water side. As an accommodations business Old St. Andrews is one of the oldest active operations in St. Andrews, pre-dated only by Kennedy's Hotel and the Algonquin.