Old St. Andrews



Jottings on the Street 1878



In the opening issues of the Bay Pilot (1878 - 1888), editor James G. Lorimer treated the readers to a tour of Water Street beginning at the corner of Water and Harriet, and proceeding over 12 issues to the other end at Patrick. He called these literary and historical musings / descriptions "Jottings on the Street," and taken together they comprise an interesting snapshot of the town at that point in time. The "Jottings," in order, are: 1. Former wharves and business of James Rait; 2. Christopher Scott and the tale of the Greenock Church; 3. Sundry smaller businesses; 4. The St. Andrews Coffee House; 5. Happy Corner; 6. The Post Office; 7. Businesses at town center; 8. Market Wharf; 9. Glen and Robinson, and other businesses; 10. Odell and Turner, and other businesses; 11. The Iron Foundry; 12. The Railway Machine Works.