Old St. Andrews



Local Heroes



This page is devoted to the many interesting and important characters that have graced the streets of St. Andrews over the centuries. I make a distinction between "interesting" and "important." Sometimes they are identical in one individual, such as Christopher Scott, the wealthy captain and businessman who helped establish the Charlotte County Bank and who built the Greenock Church, but who is probably remembered most for his having locked the doors on the congregation. On the other hand, the old newspapers are peppered with portraits of individuals whom history, even local history, has completely forgotten. I include here such notables as the trapper who would not be trapped, a tramp printer, a naval captain who drank himself to death, a mentally ill teacher who ended his last days in the poor house, or the aristocratic snob who seems to have thought himself the illegitate son of George the Fourth. Finally there are the important men whose businesses and public services have been instrumental in the growth and cultural development of the town, such as James Rait, B. F. Dewolfe, B. R. Stevenson, Frank Cram and many more. In some of these individuals the town will remember native sons and daughters who passed away in the great wars, such as Raymond McQuoid, or who were remarkable in peculiar ways, such as his blind mechanic and musician younger brother, Albert McQuoid, who was awarded the Order of Canada.