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Death of Audrey Fraser



Death of Audrey Fraser


Telegraph Journal
August 15, 1934
St. Andrews Visitor is Killed
Mrs. W. C. Van Horne Loses Life in Auto Accident at Oak Bay
Member of Prominent Canadian Family has Skull Fractured when Car Leaves Road and Crashed in Creek’s Botton
St. Stephen, Aug 14 (Special)
the body of Mrs. W. c. Van Horne, 27, Toronto, fatally injured in an automobile accident at Oak Bay, five miles from here, early this morning while returning to her summer home in St. Andrews, after attending a dance here, will be taken to St. Andrews tomorrow, when her father, William L. Fraser, Montreal, arrives here. it is expected that the body will be removed from St. Andrews on Thursday to Montreal for funeral services at her parents’ home.
            Mrs. Van Horne, whose husband is prominent in the automobile business in Canada, and is a grandson of the late Sir William Van Horne, formerly president of the CPR, suffered a fractured skull and other injuries when her car, which she was driving, left the road in failing to make the sharp turn at Oak Bay and plunged over a 20 foot embankment into the rocky bed of a creek. Nels Svensen, SA, the other occupant of the car, escaped injuries. She had motored to St. Stephen with other St. Andrews summer residents last evening to attend a dance and was on her way to the seaside town when the accident happened, at 2:30 o’clock. there was a heavy ground fog at the time, it was stated and this was believed to have obscured visibility.
            Mrs. Van Horne was brought to Chipman Memorial Hospital here by Edward Corbett, who operates overnight camps near the scene on the accident, and her death followed shortly after her admittance to the institution.
            Dr. H. S. Everett, SS, coroner, decided that o inquest was necessary, stating that death was purely accidental. The coroner and Royal Canadian Mounted Police visited the scene of the accident soon after being notified and conducted an investigation.
            St. Andrews Grieves
            St. Andrews, August 14—(Special)
            News of the car accident near St. Stephen early this mornign claiming the life of Mrs. Edythe Audrey (Fraser) Van Horne, wife of W. C. Van Horne, came as a great shock to the summer colony here and residents of the town generally, with whom Mrs. Van Horne was very popular. The body will be brought from St. Stephen tomorrow, and burial will be made in Montreal.
            Former Montreal Girl
            Mrs. Van Horne was formerly Miss Edythe Audrey Fraser, daughter of Mrs. and Mrs. William L. Fraser of Montreal. She was married to William Cornelius Covenhoven Van Horne in Montreal, November 29, 1928. Her husband is a son of Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Van Horne of Montreal, and a grandson of Lady Van Horne and he late Sir William Van Horne, former president of the CPR.
            Following their wedding, Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Van Horne took up residence in Toronto. Mrs. Van Horne is survived by her husband and a daughter, two years old.
            Mr. and Mrs. Van Horne have been spending a vacation at “Covenhoven,” the Van Horne estate at SA, guests of his aunt, Miss A. Van Horne. Miss Peggy Fraser, sister of Mrs. Van Horne, is also a guest.