Old St. Andrews



Minister's Island Timeline



1779 Hanson and Young settle on Chamcook Island.


March 3, 1785
Petition of Hanson and Young to Governor Carleton


July 1785
Petition of Ephraim Young to Governor Carleton


August 25, 1785
Chamcook Island from King George to Samuel Osborn


John Town to John Hanson
No. 354
Book B, pp. 55ff
50 pounds
lot on north side of Passamaquoddy Bay


Aug 31, 1787
William Kelly to Samuel Andrews
10 pounds
Lot 2, Block O, Bulkeley’s Subdivision
Book A, pp. 310ff


March 22, 1788
Book A, pp.354
John Hall to Samuel Andrews et al.
No. 8 Letter K Parr’s Division
100 pounds


Aug 5, 1788
Book A, pp. 383
Samuel Osborn to David Mowatt
5 pounds
No. 3 Letter L Bulkeley’s Division


Nov 6, 1788
Samuel Andrews to Thomas Emerson
10 pounds
100 acres
“head of a cove opposite the northern end of Chamcook Island”


March 16, 1791
Book B pp. 123-24
Osborn to Andrews
Middlesex.  KNow all men by these presents that I Samuel Osborn Esq. late commander of His Majesty’s Ship The Ariadne and now of London I the County of Middlesex, for an in consideration of the sum of two hundred and fifty poundslawful money of the Province of New Brunswick to me paid by Samuel Andrews of Saint [blank] County of Chrlotte and Province of New Brunswick in North America, Clerk, the receipt whereof [blank] nowledged have granted bargained and sold, and by these presents do grant, bargain and sell [blank] Sam’l Andrews Clerk and Missionary from the Society for the propagation of the gospel in [blank] the Parish of Saint Andrews aforesaid, his Heirs and Assigns, all that Island Called Cham [blank] ate [sic] lying and being within the County of Charlotte in the Province of New Brunswick in North [blank] on the West side of the Grand Bay of Passamaquoddy, bounded by the waters of the said Bay [blank] red [sic] acres more or less, of which said Island and its situation in respect to the shores [blank] the plan annexed to the original grant of the said Island unto the said Samuel [blank] le [sic] is a representation, as by the said original Grant on Letters Patent under the [blank] aid [sic] Province of New Brunswick bearing date the twenty sixth day of August in the  [blank] one thousand seven hundred and eighty five and the said place thereunto annexed, duly [blank] aining [sic] upon Record in the Registry of the Province of New Brunswick, aforesaid [blank] thereto being had may more freely and at large appear—together with all woods, underwoods, timber and timber trees, lakes ponds, fishings, waters, water courses, profits, commodities, appurtenances, and hereditaments whatsoever thereunto belonging or in any wise appertaining togher with the provilege of hunting, hawking and fowling in and upon the ssme and mines and minerals, saving and reserving nevertheless unto His Majestry his heirs and successors, all white pine trees if any such shall be found growing thereon; and also saving and reserving to His said majesty, his heirs and successors, all mines of Gold, silver, copper, lead and coals; to have and to hold the said lands and premises with the appurtenances to the said Samuel Andrews his heirs and Assings, and to his and their only use and behoof forever and I do for myself any heirs executors dn administators covenant with the said Samuel Andrews his heirs and Assign,s that I am seized of the premises as a good indefesible estate of inheritance in fee simple free of and from all manual of ? whatsoever and have good right and lawful authority to grant bargain and sell the same in manner and form as abov e written.  In Witness whereof I have hereto set my hand and seal this fifteenth day of March in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and ninety one and in the thirty first year of his majesty’s Reign—Sam’l Osborn
Signed sealed and deliverred in presence of us, acknowledged to be the Deed of Hannah Jarvis , Samuel Peters the son [of the] Sam’l Osborn by him this fifteenth day of march 1791 at the Public Office in Symonds Inn before me at master in Chancery, T. Walker.
            I John Boydell Lord Mayor of the City of London do herby certify that Thoma sWalker, before whom the acknowledgement of the Execution of the Bargain and sale herunto annexed by Samuel Osborn appears to have been taken and whose name is thereunder written and subscribed is a Master of the High court of Chancery in England and is a person to hom all faith and credit ought to be given.
            In testimony whreof I have caused the seal fo the Office of Mayor to be hereunto affixed the sixteenth day of March in the thirty first year of the reign of our Sovereign Lord King George the Third by the Grace of God, of Great Britain, France and Ireland, King, Defender of the Faith, and so forth.
Saint Andrews, Charlotte County, Registered 1st June 1791.  H. B. Brown, Registrar


Sept 11, 1798
Chamcook Island put up for sale in Royal Gazette


October 11, 1818
Death of Samuel Andrews


1828 Plot of land sold to William Douglas by Elisha Andrews
1832 another fifty acres sold to William Douglas
1838 property mortgaged to Neville Parker
1841 property reverts to Andrews family


1890 Van Horne moves into Sherbrooke St.


Deed: 1066
May 23, 1891
Edwin L. Andrews to W. C. Van Horne
3,500 dollars for 150 acres, also a right of way across Andrews property


June 7, 1868
Adaline Van Horne born


May 1877
Richard Benjamin Van Horne born
Marshall Andrews conveys property to son Edwin


May 1886
Inauguration of CPR Pacific Steamship Service


August 1888
Van Horne President of CPR at age 45


Deed: 1066
May 1891
Edwin L. Andrews to W. C. Van Horne
This Indenture made this 23rd day of May in the year 1891 between Edwin L. Andrews of the Parish of St. Andrews in the county of Charlotte Province of New Brunswick, Farmer and Adeline Andrews his wife and William C. Van Horne of the city of Montreal in the Province of Quebec . . . for and in consideration of the sum of three thousand five hundred dollars of lawful money . . . one hunded and fifty acres . . . also a right of way access [across the Andrews property]


Aug 24, 1893
Telephone line between Covenhoven and train station completed.  First phone in SA


May 1894
Van Horne Knighted


Dec 9, 1896
No. 4292 (Book 52, p. 302-4)
Deed H. P. Timmerman et ux. to Sir William Van Horne.  This indenture made the ninth day of December in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hubndred and ninety six Between Henry Pultz-Timmerman of the City of Saint John . . . General Superintendent of the Canadian Pacific Railway and Alice Maud his wife of the one part and Sir William C. Van Horne of the City of Montreal in the Province of Quebec of the other part: . . . for and in consideration of the sum of five thousand Dollars of Lawful money of Canada . . . containing in all two hundred and fifty acres more or less also the shore in front of the said piece or tract of land having been coveyed to the said Henry Pultz-Timmerman by Marshall Andrews and Isabel C. H. Andrews his wife by Indentures bearing date the seventeenth day of August A.D. 1896 and duly registered in the office of the Registrar of Deed  . . . in Book 42 pages 16 and 17, subject however to a lease from the said Henry Pultz-Timmerman to the said Marshall J. C. Andrews of all that certain tract or parcel of land situate and being on Minister’s Island aforesaid being that section of said Island comprising about ten acres upon which in located the dwelling house occupied by the said Marshall J. C. Andrews and having a frontage on the western shore of said Island of about thirty a rods and extending from the said shore . . . said lease being for the term of the natural life of the said Marshall J. C. Andrews, at a rent of one shilling yearly together . . .


June 1899
Van Horne retires as President of the CPR


Uvira purchased.  Beacon, Nov 22, 1900.  Built 1890 in Southhampton.


House enlarged to three-pitch roof


July 7, 1904
Mary Van Horne dies, aged 48
Born 1856


Sept 17, 1904
Book 81, pp, 194ff
Sir William Van Horne and wife to Adaline Van Horne
1 dollar
that parcel of land conveyed by Edwin Andrews to Van Horne on May 23, 1891 [the original Covenhoven lot]


Nov 12, 1904
Book 81, pp. 196ff
One dollar
250 acres
Sir William and Lady Van Horne to Adaline Van Horne
That parcel of land conveyed by Henry Pultz-Timmerman to Sir William in 1896


1905 “Covenhoven” yacht commissioned; delivered 1906.  See Beacon


June 12, 1906
Richard Van Horne marries Edith Molson (daughter of Dr.William Alexander Molson, Montreal brewer, mother daughter of R. W. Shepherd, owner of Ottawa Navigation Company, steamship line


July 10, 1907
William Cornelius Covenhoven Van Horne born


November 1908
Van Horne offers Andrews $8,000 for his property.  See LAC files.


April 24, 1910
Resigns Chairmanship of CPR


Pool Room
Political speech at Andraeleo Hall
Plans for chamcook begin to take shape
Plans also for bath tower under consideration


October 26, 1911
Frederick Dreyer to Sir Wiliam Van Horne
“Between John Frederick Dreyer of the City of Montreal in the Province of quebec, Coachman, and his wife . . . and Sir William Van Horne . . . all the lands and premises recently by deed dated the 12th day fo october instant conveyed to Jules S. thebaud and Ethel Thebaud to the said John Frederick Dreyer and therein described as [the lot conveyed by Annie Johnson, widow, to Ethel thebaud and bounded by following lots: on north by land sof late William Greenlaw’s estate, easterly by land owned by James Townsend and a lot known as the Jackson Townsend lot, southerly by land owned by Andrews Boyd and in part by land owneb dy John Greenlaw, and westerly by land owned by Joseph Wiley the heris of the late Ralph Cookson and Godon Stuart,] and being the same lands and premises formelry conveyed  by deed dated the 2oth day of July 1890 by Jenry Johnson to his son Hans Johnson [who left it to his wife Annie] including a strip of land connecting the said farm with the St. John Roadway, which was con veyed to the said Henry Johnson by James Stranaghan about 1852.


Tower built


Jan 13, 1913
Canadian Sardine Company Ltd. to Sir William Van Horne
for one dollar
“all that parcel of land beign a port of the Chamcook estate, situate at Chamcook . . . recently conveyed to the Canadian Sardine Company Limited by F. Howard Grimmer and wife by deed dated the 8th day of December last past . . . 26 and 3/4th acres


June 28, 1914
Addie refers to the new brick walk in letter to father in England


Last Will and Testament
Sir William Van Horne
Jan 26, 1915
2. Lucy Van Horne gets the Montreal property and, if she abandons all claim for dower under her American marriage contract, a $30,000 a year allowance for three years after SWVH’s death
4. “At the expiration of said term of three years from my death and after providing for the foregoing bequesrts in favour of my said beloved wife,, I direct that the sum of two hundred thousand dollars ($200,000)  shall be set aside and placed in the hands of the Royal Trust Company, a body corporate having its Head Office in the said City of Montreal, to be held by them, in trust for my beloved grandson William Cornelius Covenhoven Van Horne, the said sum to be invested by the said Royal Trust Company, in such interst bearing securities as they may deem advidsasble, without being limited to Trustees’ investments and the revenue therefrom to be used by the said Company a far as need be, for the educastionand support of my said grandson, till he reaches theage of twenty-one years and any surplus revenue shall be added to the principal and invested in interest bearing securities as aforesaid, and the cepital amount togther with all accummulations of revenue thereon shall be paid over to my said grandson when he reaches the age of twenty-one years to be held by him in full ownership, but if he should die before reaching such age, the same shall be paid to his Estagte and succession.  during the interval between my death and the expiration of said term of said term of three years from my death, my Executors shall expend a sum of not exceeding three thosuand doallars per annum for the support and education of my said grandson.
5. I hereby ratify and confirm the conveyance to my daugher Adaline Van Horne, of my house and all my real estate on Minister’s Island, near St. Andrews in the Provinc eof NB, such conveyance having been made by deed, and I herby bequeath to her all the furniture, art collections, animals and movable effects contained in or about the same or appertaining therto, and if there should be any informatlity or defect in connection with said Deed I hereby bequeath said property to my daughter.
6. The remainder of the estate is to be divided as follows: 4/12ths to wife, 5/12ths to Richard, and 3/12ths to Adaline.
7. Whereas my said son  made certain settlements amounting to $50,000  and $100,000 for the benefit of his wife and children, as set forth in his marriage contract with his said wife Dame Edith Molson and the Deed of Donation in Trust by him in her favour, both documents passed before H. M. Mailer, Notary, of the twelth day ofJune , 1906, nowtherefore if my said son before his expiration of said term of three years from the time of my death, has not invested or paid in the said sums of fifty thousand and 100,000 dollars respectively in accordance iwht said contract of marriage and Donation in Trust, I direct my Executors to see that such investment and paymentar e duly made and they shall deduct and set apart from my said son’s share in my Estate such sums either in cash or securities as they may deem necessary for that purpose.


Sept 11, 1915
Sir William Van Horne dies Montreal


Oct 13, 1917
R. B. Van Horne brings back new Yacht Uvira from Camden Maine.  (This would be Uvira II.  It seems as though he stored Uvira I in Camden Maine over the winter, see Beacon 1913)


Fieldstone garage added?


Sept 1922
Adaline donates Boy Scout Clubhouse


Dec 23, 1925
Sir William Van Horne, per Executors, [Royal Trust Company] to Adaline Van Horne [and Richard Van Horne]
“all the lands and premises conveyed by one John Frederick Dreyer and wife to the said Sir William Van Horne by Indenture dated the 26th day of October,1911, registered in the Office of the Rgistrar of Deeds in and for the County of Charlotte in Book No 79 at age 205, by the number 16203 [conveyed 1903 by Annie M. Johnson, widow, to the said Ethel Thebaud and therin described as [that conveyed 1890 by Henry Johnson to his son Hans Johnson who devised the same by his willto his wife Annie M. Johnson, by whomthe sma were convyed to the said Ethel Thebaud as ehreinbefore mentioned] “constituting the Roadway connecting the said farm with the St. John Road, as conveyd to the said Henry Johnson b y one James Stranaghan in or about the year 1852.  Also all that certain other lot conveyed by Canadian Sardine Company, Limited, to the said Sir William C. Van Horne b y Deed date the 13th day of January, 1913, registered in the office of the Registrar of Deeds in and for the Copunty of charlote in Book No. 76, page 533, by the Number 15097”


No. 25201
Book 102, pp. 18ff
Edwin L. Andrews and wife to L. Adeline Van Horne
Oct 15, 1926
100 dollars
1. “all that portion of said Island which formerly constituted the Douglas Farm, so called, as by the Deed thereof from Elisha S. Andrews to William Douglas, dated first of May, 1832, and registered on the 24th day of May, 1833,”
2. also “all the lands and premises and allthe right title and interst of the agove named grantors, therein, which were conveyed or intended to be conveyed to the above named Edwin L. Andrews by marshall J. C. Andrews and Isabella Christianna H. Andrews, his wife, by a Deed bearing date the 24th day of November AD 1877 and duly registered upon the Records of Charlotte county NB on the 28th day of December Ad 1877, in Record Book No. 28, at pages 63 and 64
3. excepting those lands “conveyed by the agove named Edwin L. Andrews to the late Sir Wililam C. Van Horne, but it is intended hereby to include all of the residue of the lands na dpremises which may at this time be held and owned by the said Edwin L. Andrews, on the Island abgove described
4. also the right of way conveyed from Marshall J. C. Andrews toEdwin L. Andrews 16th day of June AD 1896, “and duly registerd upon the Record Book No. 51 at pags 548 to 550.


Nov 29, 1928 Billy marries Audrey Fraser


Jan 24, 1929 Lady Van Horne dies Montreal


July 1930
Addie presents Boy Scouts with Gymnasium


Aug 20, 1931 Richard Van Horne dies St. Andrews at Covenhoven.  Hepatitis of liver, cirrohsis-hepatic contributing.  Coroner H. O’Neill.  Service there also.
Buried in Rural Cemetery Aug 22, 1931


1932 Edith (Molson) Van Horne marries Randolph Bruce at Covenhoven


Billy Van Horne marries Margaret Mary Hannon
March 21, 1932 Beverley Ann Van Horne born.


August 14, 1934 Audrey Fraser killed in car accident at Oak Bay.  Ann two years old.


Adaline Van Horne to San Zenon Company Limited
Feb 6, 1936
No. 30718
1. “all and singular the lands and premises heretofore by deed dated the 23rd of May, 1891, conveyed by Edwin L. Andrerws and Adeline Andrews to Sir William Van Horne”
2. Also the property conveyed to SWVH from Timmerman 1896
3. the land conveyed 1926 by Edwin Andrews (Book 102, pp. 18-21)
4. Dreyer lot 1903
5. Sardine Company lot 1913


August 1938
R. Bruce concerned in letter about ddie’s “many troubles”


Adaline Van Horne May 10, 1939
According to Knowles, Beverley Ann was bequeathed the Minister’s Island property in this will


Special chair and platform constructed for Addie to be removed from Covenhoven
(see letter from Montreal Trust 8 Nov 1940)


Feb 24, 1941
Miss Addie dies Montreal


April 23, 1941
Royal Trust to visit Minister’s Island to do tour of inspection; probably connected with recent death of Adaline and Executors’ interest in cut-backs


July 1941
T. T. O’Dell to Margaret Van Horne
Lot 4, Block R. Morris Division [Augustus and Montague home]


Aug 1941
For Rent signs put at Covenhoven for rent in summer of 1942
See Aug 19, 1941 Royal Trust Letter


Feb 31, 1942
Randolph Bruce, husband of Edith Molson) dies


April 16, 1942
Pat Pethick becomes part-time employee at Minister’s Island, “his duties being to assist Mr. Greenlaw with the correspondence and the looking after of the records and bookkeeping in connection with the farm and the supervision of operations there.”  Royal Trust letter
(I wonder how this connects with the death of Randolph Bruce?  Sounds like Ann is at least co-executrix and Billy is working a connection with Pethick through her; Ann at this time is living in the summer at the Montague St. residence, and her father and mother have arranged to have a set of encyclopedias at Covehoven removed to this house.  Ann can hardly have been co-executix, as she would only be about 13 at this time.)


May 4, 1942
Royal Trust notifies Bill Clarke possible tenants have been found for Covenhoven


April 5, 1943
Still no tenants for Covenhoven


August 4, 1944
Hope to get tenants from Wartime Convalescent Homes, War Charity Fund Inc. via Mrs. Redmond and Miss Shaughnessy


March 23, 1945
Pethick becomes General Superintendant of Minister’s Island


Aug 9, 1945
W. C. C. Van Horne [billy]
No. 39988
1. Sidney Ivor Pethick $10,000 (of Tiverton, Devonshire) for services rendered
2. Matthew Stuart Hannon $5,000
3. Janet Quinlan $1,000
4. George “Bunny” MacDowell $500
5. R. C. Church $500 (buried as Roman Catholic by request)
6. All property to Margaret Mary Hannon, wife
7. No direct bequest to daugher Beverley as being amply protected under will of late aunt Adaline Van Horne (May 10, 1939), and pre-nuptual contract June 19, 1935.
“I am advised by counsel and believe that my said daughter Beverley Ann Van Horne has no interest whatseover under the invalid document executed before E. W. H. Phillips, notary, 28 Nov 1928, to which document her late mother and I were parties . . .”


Aug 16, 1945
Margaret Van Horne to Charles Cowan
1 dollar
Lots 3, 4, 7 and 8 Town Platt
Also lot 4, Block R. Morris Division, conveyed to Margaret Van Horne July 1941 by T. T. O’Dell
Book 136, p. 397


Montreal Star
Sept 7, 1946
W. Van Horne Dies At WEir
Grandson of CPR Founder in 40th Year
William Cornelius C. Van Horne, grandson of the late Sir William C. Van Horne died last night at Weir.  He was in his 40th year.
            Born at St. Andrews, NB, in 1907 he ws the son of the latte Richard Benedict Van Horne and of Edith Molson, daughter of the late Dr. William A. Molson , now Mrs. Randolph Bruce, widow of the late Hon. Randolph Bruce, former Lieutenant-Governor of British Columbia.
            Educated at privatte schools and at Lower Canada College, he was an enthusiastic sportsman.  He won many trophies at motor boat racing and yachting, and wsas a member of the Royal St. Lawrence Yacht Club.  DRUing the war he was at Halifax with the Sea Cadets.
            Interested in various business ventures, he organized the Auburn Motor Sales Company and served as its president for some time.  The family home is at 1139 Sherbrooke Street West.
            Mr. Van Horne was twice married.  His first wife, the late Audrey Freser, caughter of William L. Fraser, of Montreal, died some years ago as a result of an automobile accident.  There was one daughter, Miss Edith Ann Van Horne, by this marriage.  His second wife was the former M argaret M. Hannon, daugher of Matthew S. Harman, of Toronto, ans she survives him, as does his daughter and his mother.
            The body will be taken to SA for burial, but final arragements have not yet been completed.


&Rural Cemetery Burial
William C. Van Horne
Age 39
Grandson of Sir William
Lot 171B
Sept 9, 1946


Sept 11, 1907
St. Andrews, Sept 11.
Funeral services for William Van Horne, aged 39 years, were held at SA’s Church on Monday morning when requiem high mass was celebrated.  He was buried in the Protestant Rural Cemetery overlooking Passamaquoddy Bay, and Minister’s Island where he spent many summers.
            Only grandson of the alte Sir William Van Horne, a founder and president fo the CPR, and son of the late Benjamin Van Horne, he had been staying at Weir, Quebec, where he was taken ill and died there on Friday, September 6.  The body was brought to SA by train./
            Relatives attending the funeral at SA were his wife, his mother, Mrs. Bruce of Montreal, his daughter by his first marriage, Beverley Anne Van Horne and Matthew Hannon of Tornto, a brother-in-law.


William C. C. Van Horne Estate, per Executors, [Royal Trust Co.] to Margaret Van Horne and Matthew Stuart Hannon
Dec 12, 1947
1. Dreyer land conveyed to VH 1911
2. Sardine Co. land 1913
3. property conveyed by Adaline Van Horne to San Zenon Co and then reconveyed to late W. C. C. Van Horne June 30, 1942 No. 34839, Book 122, pp. 450-51.  This property, off SJ road near Rossmount, conveyed to Adaline Jan 5, 1926, No. 24658, Book 100, pp.441-44. [does not appear to be Minister’s Island]


Lethbride Herald, Jan 23, 1950
Dec 15, 1949
Beverley Ann Van Horne runs away from home to Vancouver, where she lives in a rooming house and supports herself as a dishwasher


July 29, 1949
Judge Berry tenant at Covenhoven


Auction Ayrshire Cattle Minister’s island


Historic Sites and Monuments Board considers and rejects Covenhoven as historic site.  Cf. Screening Report, 1977  MS14


May 1, 1960
Book 157 pp.264ff
San Zenon Company Limited to Van Horne Island Club Limited
1 dollar
Minister’s Island


No. 54125
May 1, 1960
Van Horne Island Club to San Zenon Company Limited
Discharged oct 31 1963 Book 161, p. 630, No. 56914
[the Royal Trust Company wound up the affairs of the San Zenon Company in the end of this year when the Mortgage from it was discharged]


Toole:  “And then there was a collateral mortgage that the govt guaranteed of $50,000 to Van Horne Island Club, 1963.  And the there was a discharge of the mortgage in 1972 by John L. Williamson.  He comes to SA.”


(so it seem the original mortgage was from the San Zenon Company; then when that was paid off an additional mortgage was obtained from the NB government in 1963.  The two mortages would make the $89,000 thousand mentioned by jane Hossler as the purchase price.)


Edith Bruce (widow of Richard Van Horne and Randolph Bruce) dies


Fear of mortgage sale in May; action cancelled June


Dec 1966
Island put up for Auction; action cancelled Jan 1967
See Courier


1967 Royal Trust Company of Montreal put Sherbrooke St. home up for sale


June 3, 1971
“Feasibility Study of Minister’s Island.”  K. H. Deichmann
Department of Tourism Research and Planning Branch
Favorable, but no mention of Maxwell influence.
[Jane Hossler says the Van Horne island Club offered the island to the Province before they sold to Langdon; this study may be the result of that offer]


1972 [Campbellton Real Estate Agent and also] NB Minister of Tourism Charlie Van Horne takes option on Island Club for 400,000—Govt declines to purchase


Feb 15, 1972
Between Van Horne Island Club Limited (head office Campbellton, NB) and Great Northern Land and Cattle Company (head office Ellsworth, Maine)
One dollar for all Minister’s Island Property
Harold K. Hossler, President
Arthur L. Hossler, Secretary


Feb 15, 1972
Van Horne Island Club “for and in consideration of the sum of 300,000 dollars of lawful money paid by the said Mortagee (Van Horne Island Club)
Payments due:
5,000 Dec 30, 1972
25,000 Dec 30, 1974
30,000 Dec 30, 1975 (each year following)
60,000 Dec 30, 1981
9 percent interest
House to be insured at 125,000 on house and 50,00 on contents
Partial discharge of Mortgage may 1973 on lot 26 Harbour Farm plan


Edward Messer of Woodbridge, Connecticut from North Atlantic Cattle Company
102 acres of common area
Mortgage registered Feb 15, 1972


March 22, 1973
Book 191, p. 517
North Atlantic Cattle Company to Carl and Judith Sapers
Lot 26
18.8 acres


Book 191, p. 520
March 22, 1973
North Atlantic Land and Cattle Company to George and Elizabeth Wanklyn
1 dollar
Lot 25


March 22, 1973
Grantors Norman Langdon, Edward Messer and Van Horne Island Club Limited
Grantee  North Atlantic Cattle Company
Subdivision scheme for Minister’s island
36 lots
Book 191, pp, 479ff
Conditions attached to Subdivision Scheme:
5. Said lands . . . shall not at any time be used directly or indirectly for the purpose or purposes of any trade, commerce, manufacture, business, profession, commercial sport or smueement, hunting, trapping, shooting, school, hospital, charitable instituion, hote, a partmen house, multiple family dwelling, boarding house, lodging hosue, or public resort, nor for any other purpose which is inconsistent with the Subdivudison scheme, save and except for lot 31 on the said Subdivision Plant, which may from time to time until all remaining lots other than the siad Lot no. 31 have been sold or conveyed to Indivdual Purchasers, be used by the grantee as a sales office for such unsold lots, or, if said Lot no. 31 should be sold, one of the said remaining lots may be used for this purpose, and no building shall be erected or placed on the said lands and premises, or any prt thereof within 50 feet of any right of way or aod, other than the said Services Easements, or, except for the xisting stone cottage presently located on Lot no. 1, [Parson Andrews’ house] and the former pumphouse and greenhouse presently located on lot 2, [barn] within twenty five feet of any sideline of any dividual bulding lot.
6. No building lots, or any part thereof, shall at any time be divided or subdivded for the purpose of rent, lease, gift, license or sale, an no part of any building less than the whole shall be rented, leased given, licensed or sold by any dividual purchaser, or distributed by measn of shares in a coporation or membership in a club or assocation, and Lot n0. 2 shall at all time be owned by either the Invidual Purchaser of Lot 31 or by the said Harbour farm Assocation Incorporated.
7. No buildings or structures ahll be built, erected or stand upon any of the said building lots, except such buildings or struccture as are in existence as of the date of this Indenture and, one private dwelling house for single family occupancy, and one private guest house, one private garage and one private boat house and other appropriate outbuildingts and structures for use in conjunction with such private dwelling house, except in the cas eof lot no. 31, whereon, subject to the provisions of paragraph 6 above, nor mor than two private dwelling houses and two private garages and two private boat houses may be erected and maintained in addition to the pricipal residence, the gardener’ residence and other outbuildings which shall not be used as private dwelling house, located thereon, and no such private dwelling house shall be erected or placed on any of the said building lots the actual coast of which is less than $20,000.
8. No house trailer, mobile home or other similar product manufactured by a mobile home manufacturer shall be placed or parked upon any of the said building lots secept in a garage erectedthereon, and no tent or similar product will be placed or erected on the said building lots as a substitute residence and no tent shall be palced or erected in an area not well wooded.
9. No buildings except boathouse within 50 feet of high water


Partial Discharge
Edward Messer of Woodbridge, Connecticut to North Atlantic Cattle Company
March 22, 1973
Book 183, No. 68108  p. 634
102 acres of common area
Mortgage registered Feb 15, 1972


March 28, 1973
North Atlantic Land and Cattle Company Grantor
Harbour Farm Association Incorporated Grantee
Book 191


May 22,  1973
North Atlantic Land and Cattle Company (Ellesworth) to Norman E. Langdon, of Gouldsboro, Maine
1 dollar
All that certain piece, parcel or lot or tract of land and premises situate, lying and being in parish of SA, in the county of Charlotte and Province of NB, commonly known as all of “Minister’s Island,” containing approx. 500 acres, more or less, meaning and intending hereby to convey all of the lands on said Island above ordinary high water tidemark and including therein all those various parcels of land described in and
1. conveyed by a Deed of Conveyance from the late Adaline Van Horne to San Zenon Company Limited, duly recorded on the Charlotte County records in Book 115 at pages 127 et seq as #30718 and which were acquired by three separate Deeds of conveyance all duly recorded on the said Records; the first as #17143 in Book No, 81 at pages 194 et seq., and the second as #17144 in Book 81 at pags 196 et seq., and the third as #25201 in Book 102 at pages 18 et seq. as by reference thereto may more fully and at length appear;
2. said lands and premises were later conveyed bythe said San Zenon Company Limited to the said Van Horne Island Club Ltd., by deed dated the 1st of May 1960, and duly recorded on the said Charlotte County Records in book 157 at page 264 et seq., as no. 54124 as by reference thereto may more fully appear. 
3. Being the same lands and premises conveyed by Van Horne Island Club to Great Northern Land and Cattle company by deed dated the 15th of February, 1972 and recorded in the Charlotte County Registry Office in Book 183 at page 621 under official number 68106, the said Great Northern Land and Cattle Company having changed it sname to North Atlantic land and Cattle Company by resolution dated the 27th of April 1972 and filed with the Secretary of State for the state of Maine, . . . in the Charlotte County Registry Office in book 190 at page 51 under official number 69807.


Sept 9, 1973 Sherbrooke house demolished


Sept 1974 Langdon approaches Government of NB to buy Island.


Sept 13, 1974
Book 202 pp. 535ff
North Atlantic land and Cattle Company to Kerry A. Johnson and Barbara A. Bodner,  Teachers, Syracuse, NY
1 dollar
Lot 1


Sept 13, 1974
Book 202 pp. 540ff
No. 73332
Kerry A. Johnson and Barbara Bodner from North Atlantic Land and Cattle Company
Lot 1
25 year mortgage to equal $82,335 over 25 years


Royal Trust Co to Norman Langdon
Sept 26, 1975
Book 208 pp. 339ff


1976? Robert Manuge purchases 21 Van Horne paintings from American art dealer


1977 Auction at Covenhoven


1977 March 23 Minister’s Island declared protected site


March 25, 1977
Wanklyn to North Atlantic Land and Cattle company
1 dollar
Lot 25


Book 222 p. 787
No. 79217
July 11, 1977
Agreement of Norman Langdon and North Atlantic Cattle Company and Harbour Farm Association to sell to province and of Province to buy
Excepting lots 1, 25 and 26 (Bodner, Wanklyn and Sapers)


Aug 17, 1977
Book 223, pp. 970ff
No. 79552
Barbara A. Bodner and Kerry Johnson to Michael McPherson and James A. George
(Kerry and Bodner teachers from Syracuse, NY)
10 acres
1 dollar
Lot 1
Their mortage to First National Bank of Bar Harbour taken out Oct 1974 and discharged Aug 1977.


Aug 26, 1977
No. 79791
Book 191, p. 494
North Atlantic Land and Cattle Company to Crown, NB
Reserving and excepting lots 1, 25, 26, 30, 32 and 33; excepting also lands conveyed from North Atlantic Land and Cattle Company to Harbour Farm Assocation, March 28, 1973
30, 32 and 33 acquired by separate deed same date as above


Discharge of Mortgage
Aug 27, 1977
Northern Land and Cattle Company from Van Horne Island Club
Book 224, pp. 840-41


Norman Langdon from Royal Trust Co 1975
Discharged Oct 31, 1977


Designated National Historic Site for Native artifacts


Discharge of Mortgage
Feb 13, 1982
Van Horne Island Club to Province of New Brunswick
Book 224, pp. 841-42
(can this be right? shouldn’t it be the Northern land and Cattle Company? could Langdon have acquired the name of the former company? Or maybe even though landgon paid off his mortgage to VHIC in 1977 they didn’t pay off their mortgage of $50,000 to the province)


Sept 27, 1982  Province completes purchase of Island


October 1983 Parks Canada training session at Minister’s island; exercise to see what can be done with Minister’s Island


1984 Minister’s Island citizens group formed.  Summer tours begin on limited basis


Nov 14, 1984 Minister’s Island Advisory Committee formed by Jeannie Williamson and Ardeth Holmes in response to proposals for condominium development by Malcolm Thorne of SA Marine Centre Corp. in October. 


1992 New Roof put on barn—Toole


1998 Designation National Historic Site for Van Horne assocation