Old St. Andrews



St. Andrews Night at Elm Corner



Though not a lot of information has survived about the early history of St. Andrews, there are places where a kind of portrait of the Town still peeks through. One of the more interesting and totally unadulterated references are the Sessions Books of Charlotte County Council, which date from the founding on the town. Though these records are bare-bones accounts of decisions made by Council affecting the ordinary operation of the County, so much has changed since then that these little records offer an intriguing insight into a world that has been greatly altered since that time. Not everyone knows, for example, that in the days when houses were heated by great fireplaces with huge chimneys, it was literally possible for a thief to effet his entrance and exit via this conduit, hence the need for public protection against such incursions. The Beacon published several selections from the Sessions which the Editor though would make for fairly entertaining reading; these are reproduced there. Also, some early history of the Town provides information about characters and events which are interesting and relevant. The occasional recollection by old-timers are not inappropriate for the same reason. I include also an especially memorable St. Andrews Night and Elm Corner, in which all sorts of memories and artefacts were trotted out for later reportage in the Beacon.