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A Valuable Book



A Valuable Book


Dec 14/1899
Has anyone got a copy of this valuable book?
Mr. Clarence Ward, of Saint John , who spends his spare moment in historical research, writes to the Beacon that while examining an old volume of the St. John Courier (December 19/1818) he found the following advertisement:--
A circumstantial, true and impartial history of the rise ad progress of the interesting town of St. Andrews, in NB, from its original settlement to the present era. Containing a biographical account of the most eminent characters, whether legislative, magisterial, commercial, legal or medial, who have or are now flourishing in it, interspersed with hints for the improvement and better regulation of the lumber trade.—By Nonpaganus.
            If a sufficient number of subscriptions be filled up the Author purposes to further embellish the work with striking likenesses in wood after the manner of Berwick of the most celebrated inhabitants who have risen to distinction.
            A copy of such a book would make interesting reading gat this day. Perhaps some of the Beacon readers may be able to tell us whether the book was ever published or not.