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An Early Romance



An Early Romance


St. Croix Courier
Feb 8/1940
Shiretown Items—An Early Romance. A clipping yellow with age was found recently in an old book by a reader of this column. It is not known what paper it was taken from nor the date, but it is copied herewith in full. Around a quaint old Indian costume, the property of W. Wallace Brown, of Calais, is woven a most unusual romance of more than century and a half ago, says the Portland Press-Herald. The story concerns one John La Coote, a French nobleman. She was engaged to marry a member of the French nobility; but she broke off the engagement, and in order to forget his unhappy love affair he came to Montreal, where he took up a grant of 160 acres, which is included today in one of the principal streets of Montreal. He later visited SA, NB, which at that time was the headquarters of the Passamaquoddy tribe of Indians. The chief of the tribe had a daughter, beautiful in figure if not in face, and La Coote fell in love with her. Grand preparations were made for their wedding, and 400 guests were invited from four tribes, the Mohawks, Micmacs, Penobscots and Malacites. They were married first by the parish priest and later, according to the Indian custom. La Coote joined the Passamaquoddy tribe and became a chief. he lived to the age of 102 years. The costume owned by Mr. Brown is the one worn by this Indian tribe. In consists of a silk tunic, beaded buckskin moccasins, leggings of red broadcloth, woven beaded garters, a girdle made from wampum and garnets, silver jewellery and a priceless necklace of Indian wampum.